Noise Reduction

Noise Reducing Windows

Renewal by Andersen windows can make an impact on your wallet due to their outstanding energy efficiency. They can make your entire home much easier on the eyes, thanks to the wide variety of beautiful styles these windows are available in. But did you also know that Renewal by Andersen windows can benefit your ears, too?

The Andersen High-PerformanceTM Low-E4® glass that comes standard on all Renewal by Andersen windows significantly reduces the level of sound coming into your home. Never again worry about being annoyed by the neighbor’s noisy lawnmower, the kids yelling and playing in the backyard, or the dog barking loudly outside in the middle of the night. Renewal by Andersen windows are specially designed to cut down on the levels of these and other sounds that might otherwise penetrate your home and potentially disturb you at any hour of the day or night.

What Are Noise Reducing Windows?

In what should come as little shock to you, noise-reducing windows were designed to prevent excessive exterior noise from using your windows as a gateway into your home. In order to explain how this is accomplished, we’re going to have to call on some high school science. Noise reduction happens when the sound waves are broken up by the window. Renewal by Andersen windows achieve this by pairing impact-resistant glass with a PVB interlayer. The interlayer has a different density than the glass, which interferes with the sound waves and ultimately leads to a quieter life.

How Do We Know Noise Reducing Windows Work?

Thanks to a little thing called the STC Rating, we know that noise-reducing windows can offer serious sound mitigation. STC is an acronym for Sound Transition Class, and the rating system was created in order to measure how much sound is prevented by something. The higher the STC Rating, the more noise prevention. The range for windows goes from 18 to 38, and each increase in point value is indicative of a high percentage of sound reduction. Renewal by Andersen’s 400 window series has been given an STC rating of 34, which means that the amount of sound that will get through your windows will be noticeably diminished.

Are There Benefits?

The benefits of noise-reducing windows in an area plagued by excessive noise cannot be overstated. A quiet home can become a personal oasis and a solid night’s sleep can become the norm, not a stroke of good luck. With those improvements in your home life comes the most important one, a little less stress day-to-day.
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