What Makes a Window Energy-Efficient?

What Makes a Window Energy-Efficient?

May 28, 2018

The secret behind a window’s energy efficiency is its anatomy. A lot of science goes into the long-term performance of the window, with each individual component adding value to the entire system. This is why two seemingly similar products may not provide the same level of insulation or protection against the sun’s heat.

What Makes a Window Energy-Efficient?

Here are the elements of energy saving windows according to ENERGY STAR®:

Durable Framing Material

A durable material won’t expand or contract significantly when exposed to changes in temperature. Despite being an excellent insulator, vinyl doesn’t make a good window material because it cracks over time, allowing air infiltration and, eventually, energy waste.

At Renewal by Andersen® of Eastern New York, our double-hung, bay, bow, sliding, picture, specialty and casement windows are made from our exclusive Fibrex® material. Twice as strong as vinyl, Fibrex is as rigid as real wood and maintains its weathertight seal throughout its life.

Double Glazing

When it comes to the glass, two panes are always better than one. Double glazing is the standard in America, as a pair of glass sheets insulates heat (and even sound) more effectively than a single pane.

Low-E Coatings

The application of Low-E (low-emissivity) coatings is necessary to reflect infrared light as well as ultraviolet radiation. In doing so, these coatings help keep heat inside your home in the winter and outside in the summer. The best Low-E coating variety today is spectrally selective coating, which is what you will find in our windows.

Insulating Gas Fill

An insulating gas is pumped into the empty space between the two panes, increasing the thermal properties of the window. While krypton is the most efficient option, it’s significantly costlier yet just marginally better than argon. For this reason, we use an argon gas blend to help minimize the overall cost of window replacement without sacrificing quality.

Warm-Edge Spacer

The spacer is the component that keeps the panes apart and stable. Since conduction also occurs through the spacer, it has to be made of a tough yet energy-efficient material to insulate the edges of the glass. Although many manufacturers still use aluminum, we prefer stainless steel because it’s much stronger. With its strength, we can afford to make our window’s spacer wall thinner to conduct even less energy.

Uncover more secrets behind the whole-window performance of Renewal by Andersen of Eastern New York’s ENERGY STAR–certified products. Call us at (866) 479-1700 today for your FREE, in-home consultation to learn more about our window products.

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