Video Blog: Our Casement Window’s Maintenance-Free Feature

Video Blog: Our Casement Window’s Maintenance-Free Feature

August 08, 2016

You’ll need to consider a number of essential factors when investing in window replacement. These include the durability of the framing material your replacement unit is using, as well as the energy efficiency of its glass. Another important factor is the windows’ maintenance requirements. Are they easy to clean and maintain?

casement windows are made for easy cleaning

Most window styles allow for some worry-free cleaning, but none more so than Renewal by Andersen® casement windows. If you choose this window style, keeping them spick-and-span will be the least of your worries. In this video blog, [company_name], your premier window company, discusses the easy-cleaning benefits of our casement windows.

How Do You Do It?

This may take only a few short minutes. The first thing you need to do is remove the insect screens. You can do this by unlocking the fasteners on both sides and lifting the screen from the opening. This allows you unhampered access to your windows’ interior glass. Do your windows have interior grilles? You can remove them by lifting them away from the glass near the edge of the frame, leaving the grille clips in place.

Cleaning your Renewal by Andersen casement windows from inside your home is also easy. Open the window fully and reach between the frame and sash to wash the unit’s exterior. After a thorough cleanup, you can close the windows to their original position. Place the removable grilles back by setting them against the glass and pressing firmly against the clips. Make sure the grilles fit snugly. Put your insect screens back and relock them.

Other Benefits of Our Casement Windows

Like our other window styles, Renewal by Andersen casement windows use our exclusive Fibrex® framing material. This composite offers the strength and insulating properties of wood with the low maintenance features of vinyl. It doesn’t pit, crack, or corrode. Fibrex also doesn’t change shape when exposed to extreme weather and temperature.

This material keeps an airtight seal that prevents significant energy loss in your home. When combined with our High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass, you can expect windows that let you enjoy more comfortable interiors minus the high energy costs. You can experience all of these advantages and more when you turn to your trusted window contractor, [company_name], for quality casement units.

Enjoy safe and effortless window cleaning with our high-end replacement windows. Call us at [company_phone] or fill out our form today for a free estimate.

Hear From Our Customers

We had a Great experience with Andersen Windows. From sales through installation. Everyone was super helpful and they did a great job!

Excellent Installation. Very friendly and professional customer service. Very thorough from the second they started to the cleanup. Explained everything perfectly. Could have not asked for better service.

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