The Various Aspects Behind Great Window Products

The Various Aspects Behind Great Window Products

April 08, 2019

Windows exist for a variety of reasons. For one, they allow sunlight in, brightening up family areas, bedrooms, and kitchens during the day. They also ensure the whole home is well-ventilated, letting fresh air in while taking out stale air.

Today’s meticulous homeowners, however, want more than just glass panes and operable sashes. Modern consumers look to cut down on heating and cooling costs, be protected from the elements, and highlight their home’s beauty—all while keeping within budget. In other words, they want best-made windows that are worth their money spent.

Renewal by Andersen® of Eastern NY, local window company, discusses certain aspects behind great window products available in the market today.

Emphasis on Features

Every professional contractor boasts an extensive lineup of products, allowing you to make an informed decision from these seemingly countless choices. In fact, all window styles have something to offer, which is why all of them make good candidates, regardless if your home is of the traditional or contemporary style.

You can easily highlight the beauty of your home through your selection of replacement windows. You may have your eyes set on getting double hung windows or choosing a rather unconventional window style, but it is vital that you get to know all of these options to ensure all bases are covered.

These windows, however, don’t just enhance the beauty of your property. The best-made ones offer uncompromising quality and functionality. Consider each unit as a system complete with components engineered to work together to halt leaks and drafts, maintain energy efficiency, and resist whatever nature throws at them.

High-quality window products are subjected to various performance tests, both in development and routinely in production. These tests are conducted to see how well they function when exposed to numerous simulations of real-life situations, including intense heat, strong wind-driven rain, and extreme cold conditions. This ensures the durability of every component before they are released to the market.

Also, these products are created in line with the innovative advances of manufacturers, especially those that take into account the promotion of health, wellness, and sustainability. They are constructed through a combination of time-tested design, production quality-control practices, state-of-the-art robotics, and precise automation.

More importantly, the best-made windows are manufactured and distributed with code compliance in mind. In other words, each unit must comply with air, water, structural, and impact performance standards, as well as the specific requirements for each material and component.

Superior Installation

Great replacement windows window products, however, are only as good as the installation. All it takes is for you to choose the right contractor for the job.

Fortunately, you won’t lack window pros to choose from in your area. Consider tapping on the expertise of a contractor serious about providing customers with only the best. Choose a contractor that not only offers the best replacement options around but can also be counted to complement them with guaranteed proper installation. Take note that the pros also invest in themselves, too. They undergo extensive training, incorporating the best industry practices in every window installation they perform.

In this project, you won’t have to worry about anything since your window contractor will be in charge of all aspects of the installation process. Beginning with your consultation until the actual day of installation, they will be with you every step of the way and informing you about the whole process as it happens.

Solid Warranties

The best window products installed by only the best window professionals aren’t excellent if they don’t have this equally important aspect. With solid warranties, you add another layer of protection to your investment long after they have been installed.

The terms of these warranties may vary depending on the product and the pros behind the installation, but for the most part, the coverage is often extended to tackle material defects and problems with workmanship. Working with window experts who are willing to stand behind the products they offer and the work they do allows you to obtain generous warranty terms.

Understanding the warranty coverage, however, is of utmost importance. That way, you know what may void or invalidate the coverage for your new windows. They may not require a great deal of upkeep, but additional maintenance tasks may be necessary to ensure their cleanliness and performance. Ask your contractor for care tips or anything that concerns the units’ warranties.

Renewal by Andersen® and Its Signature Service

Great window products, through a combination of high-end features, superior installation, and comprehensive warranty coverage, can be found at Renewal by Andersen®. Through our Signature Service, we are fully committed to giving you the best customer experience possible.

As a full-service window replacement company, you can be sure the entire process is our own, from start to finish. From the initial design and consult to custom manufacturing; from the installation to warranty coverage, you have peace of mind knowing there are one-company accountability and a single point of contact throughout the service life of your windows.

Renewal by Andersen® of Eastern NY is your local source of sliding windows and other window styles. Learn more about our products and services by calling (866) 479-1700. You may also fill out our contact form to request a free, in-home consultation. You may also visit one of our showrooms at our Schenectady and Middletown locations. We look forward to working with you and bringing out the very best in your home!

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