Saving Space: The Benefits of Installing French Patio Doors

Saving Space: The Benefits of Installing French Patio Doors

November 04, 2019

French patio doors make a great addition to any home. Below, Renewal by Andersen® of Eastern NY, a top window company in the state, explains why you should consider this door style.

Improved Natural Lighting 

French patio doors emerged during the Renaissance period. During this era, French architecture valued symmetry, proportion and geometry, along with ample natural lighting. This led to the rise in popularity of French patio doors. 

Plenty of sunlight can pass through the wide glass panels of French patio doors, improving natural lighting inside your home. Natural light can make a cramped room feel more spacious, not to mention brighten the mood. 

Making the Most of Your French Patio Doors 

Of course, too much sunlight can be a problem. To make sure your interior doesn’t get too hot in summer, we strongly recommend choosing energy-efficient French patio doors. 

Renewal by Andersen doors and windows are built with Fibrex®, an exclusive composite material with excellent insulative capabilities. We also offer a wide variety of energy-efficient glass coatings. Our High Performance™ low-E4® SmartSun™ dual-pane glass with HeatLock® Technology™ is our most energy-efficient option, providing up to 70% and 49% more energy savings in summer and winter, respectively, than regular glass. 

Window-Shopping Tip:

It would be a good idea to look for windows with energy-efficient features, but remember: features alone won’t make a window energy-efficient. When you’re shopping for replacement windows, always examine the window’s total performance. 

French Sliding Doors Save Space 

While traditional French patio doors swing open, sliding French doors glide open horizontally on tracks, which can help you save space in your home. Sliding French patio doors are a great option for smaller rooms. 

The Renewal by Andersen Advantage: Low Maintenance and Improved Security

Some homeowners might be hesitant to install French sliding doors due to concerns about a lack of security and difficult operation of the doors. Fortunately, we’ve added a few features to counter the usual drawbacks. 

  1. Improved Security – Our sliding French patio doors come with a unique reach-out lock security system that pulls the door panel into the jamb snugly, making it impossible for unwanted guests to jimmy the doors open. We also enhanced the construction of our patio doors by installing mortise-and-tenon panel joints with patented dowel construction for maximum strength.
  2. Ease of Operation – Our door panels feature ball-bearing rollers with self-contained leveling adjusters to ensure smooth and easy operation.
  3. Low Maintenance -To make maintenance easier, we’ve installed a low-maintenance, rigid vinyl surface in our Perma-Shield® sliding patio doors to protect their engineered wood core from moisture and rot. 

Bringing Nature Into Your Home

By leaving sliding French patio doors open, you can make it seem like your living room or patio is connected to your backyard. And even when the doors are closed, you can still enjoy a great view of your backyard through the wide glass panels. 

Better Views 

Before you buy your patio doors, keep this in mind: most standard French patio doors provide less-than-optimal views. To support wider glass panels, French patio doors need to have thicker frames. Otherwise, the frames might bow and break the weather sealing on the door. This isn’t a problem for Renewal by Andersen French patio doors, thanks to our exclusive Fibrex composite frame material. 

Fibrex combines the best qualities of the two materials it’s made of: vinyl and wood. It has vinyl’s low-maintenance features along with wood’s excellent durability, allowing us to make sleek door frames with wide glass panels to provide you optimal views.  We’ve specifically engineered our contemporary French patio door frames support as much glass as possible to give them a modern feel and your home the best views possible. 

Adding a Touch of Elegance to Your Home 

For homeowners who prefer a more classic aesthetic, we have good news: you don’t have to sacrifice design for functionality. Renewal by Andersen understands that both are closely intertwined and inseparable. That’s why our Narroline® sliding patio doors feature a stainable natural pine interior that strikes the right balance between classic and contemporary design elements. 

Want something more traditional? Our best-selling gliding patio door model, the 400 Series Frenchwood® gliding patio door, has the Old-World feel of traditional French doors but comes in a modern, space-saving design style. 

What if you prefer to stick to a classic design scheme? Our classic hinged Frenchwood patio doors combine traditional craftsmanship with space-saving, energy-efficient and secure designs. Featuring outswing doors to save space, the doors also have a five-point locking system that makes them airtight, improving energy efficiency and security. 

Renewal by Andersen’s Signature Service 

One thing to remember when looking for new doors and windows is that the only way to make sure they’ll be a great fit for your home is to customize them and have them installed by a qualified window contractor. At Renewal by Andersen, we customize all our doors and windows according to our customer’s needs and preferences. From the drafting of the window’s design right down to the installation, we have complete oversight of the process, giving us total quality control.

Having trouble picking out a door that will blend in seamlessly with your exterior and interior? Our design consultants can help. As part of our signature service, we offer free in-home consultations to our customers.

Want to learn more about our premium products? Renewal by Andersen of Eastern NY has an extensive catalog of premium American-made doors and windows in a wide variety of styles. To schedule a consultation with one of our design consultants, call us at (844) 486-0203 or leave us a message here

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