Keeping a Quieter Home with Renewal by Andersen® Windows

Keeping a Quieter Home with Renewal by Andersen® Windows

August 15, 2016

Windows perform many different functions for your home. They offer extended outdoor views and increase your comfort indoors with improved energy efficiency. They can also enhance the look of your home while maintaining its architectural accuracy. All these are essential to quality of life, but there is one other thing windows are good for—they can help you keep a quieter home.

How can our window reduce noise

For this, you’ll need high-quality units from a top window company like Renewal by Andersen® of Eastern NY. Our beautiful and durable replacement windows can effectively insulate your home from excessive noise outdoors. Here’s a closer look at how they do it:

  • Advanced Glass Package — Renewal by Andersen windows come with standard High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass. It significantly lowers the level of sound that enters your home. This means your interiors are no longer privy to loud barking from the neighbor’s dog, yelling or crying from playing children, or disruptive noises from outdoor lawn equipment.  Our window’s design allows for reduced noise levels, letting you enjoy quieter moments in your home.
  • PVB Interlayer — Renewal by Andersen pairs impact-resistant glass with a polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer. Since this interlayer has a different density than the glass we use, it can impede the sound waves that try to enter your spaces. Each of our replacement units, including sliding windows, use this design, leading to a noise-free home.

You’re probably wondering if noise-reducing windows actually work. They do, and you can measure them with the Sound Transition Class (STC) Rating. This system works to measure how well a product blocks sound levels. A higher STC rating means better noise reduction. For windows, this can range from 18 to 38. Renewal by Andersen’s 400 series has an STC rating of 34. This ensures a noticeable decrease of sound that penetrates your windows.

Your home is your own private haven, and if you want to lessen stress and enjoy a solid night’s sleep, you should consider replacing your old windows with Renewal by Andersen’s. Aside from our advanced glass, we also use our exclusive Fibrex® material for our units, including our double hung windows. This composite offers the insulating properties of wood, which further help with noise reduction. At the same time, the airtight seal it provides ensures that costly air conditioning remains inside your home.

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