July Is UV Safety Month: Protect Yourself & Your Home

July Is UV Safety Month: Protect Yourself & Your Home

July 16, 2019

Ultraviolet radiation, emitted from the sun, puts you at risk of certain skin diseases, blindness-causing eye conditions and other health issues such as cancer. Even when you’re indoors, you’re not safe from the harmful effects of the sun.

Here are ways to protect yourself and your home from UV radiation from your local window contractor, Renewal by Andersen® of Eastern NY.

Health Risks of UV Radiation

Erythema or sunburn is the most common complication of excessive sunlight exposure. The UV stimulation results in increased melanin production, causing tanning of the skin. It can thicken the outermost layers of the skin that prevents UV penetration in deeper layers of the skin.

A person’s susceptibility to UV exposure and skin damage depends on their skin type. Those with fairer skin are more vulnerable to sunburn than those with darker skin. Too much UV radiation exposure can cause freckles, nevi, and lentigines. It also speeds skin aging, the development of wrinkles, and causes dry, coarse skin.

UV Protection in Windows

Most people think that UV protection is unnecessary indoors since ordinary window glass can block UV radiation. The truth is, window glass blocks UVB but doesn’t block UVA as much. The amount of UVA that passes through a glass depends on the type of glass and the coating in it.

Glasses on windows are categorized into three: ordinary glass, reflective glass, and tinted glass. Clear glass lets in up to 75 percent of UVA to pass. Tinted and reflective glass takes in more UVA but still allows around 25 to 50 percent to pass. Then there are energy-saving windows with Low-E (low-emissivity) that are designed to lower heating and cooling costs.

You can get the best protection from glass that is specially designed for blocking UV rays. UV-blocking glass can filter at least 96 percent of all UV light. When you’re indoors, you can’t ensure you’re protected from UV radiation unless your window features a special glass.

UV Safety Tips

UV rays don’t only harm your body, it can also cause furniture and artwork to fade. It’s recommended to use window shades or blinds when the sun is the brightest. Don’t locate your workspace, activity or sitting area too close to the windows. The farther you are from windows, the lower the indoor UVA intensity. Even if the sun isn’t shining directly into the room, it’s best to avoid staying too close to the windows, especially from large ones, for long periods of time.

Various wood coatings can protect furniture from moisture, mold and UV rays. Adding a coating to your wood furniture can prevent them from fading. Changing the placement of your furniture is a simple way to protect your wooden possessions. You can place your couch against the window so it creates a shade for the coffee table opposite to it.

Observe additional protective measures if you get a lot of sunlight in your home. This includes placing more window blinds or shades, enough clothing and sunscreen. A moderately strong sunscreen should be enough to protect you indoors. Some moisturizers and lotions feature sun protection, which should provide good protection at home.

When you’re heading outdoors, make sure to wear sunscreen with high SPF for increases sun protection. Wear UV-blocking sunglasses because extended sunlight exposure can damage your eyes and increase the risk of developing certain eye diseases. Wraparound sunglasses and those with large frames gives you the best protection.

Invest in Windows With UV-Blocking Glass

Your trusted expert at window replacement, Renewal by Andersen of Eastern NY offers a glass solution that works for every climate. Our windows are guaranteed to stay efficient in different environments, increase natural lighting and protect your home from UV rays.

Our High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass is ideal for homes with rising heating and cooling costs. This glass type is 56 percent more energy-efficient in summer and 47 percent more energy-efficient in winter than typical dual-pane glass.

The most energy-efficient glass option we have is our High-Performance Low-E Smartsun™, which is 70 percent more energy-efficient in summer and 49 percent more energy-efficient in winter. The Low-E4 SmartSun glass blocks 95 percent of UV rays. It helps in cooling a room and protecting decor and furniture. This glass option has the thermal control of tinted glass and visible light transmittance of clear glass.

The newest innovation of your leading window company is the HeatLock® Technology™. The Low-E4 SmartSun glass combined with the HeatLock Technology coating offers triple-pane-like performance in a dual-pane glass.

We have also designed glass for areas with hot, dry climates that experience a lot of sun. Our High-Performance Low-E4 Sun glass helps regulate indoor temperature and reduce cooling costs by blocking heat from the sun. With its subtle tint coating to reduce visible light, Low-E4 Sun glass effectively lowers solar heat gain.

At Renewal by Andersen of Eastern NY, our High-Performance glass options allow homeowners across the country to have ENERGY STAR® certified windows and patio doors. We have a glass solution for every climate, helping you save on energy costs. Moreover, we offer some of the most energy-efficient double-hung, picture and casement windows in the industry. You can rest assured that your investment stays protected because all our products are backed with comprehensive warranties. Get in touch with our team and let’s plan your home improvement project today. Call us at (866) 479-1700 or fill in our online form for a free in-home consultation.

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