Fun and Easy Bedroom Decorating Tips

Fun and Easy Bedroom Decorating Tips

May 15, 2018

Investing in new siding? Why not? New siding can help your home make a bigger impression from the curb. Another way to rejuvenate the look and feel of your home is to change the color scheme in your living room. While both are rewarding projects, don’t overlook the rooms that people rarely see, such as the bedroom.

Fun and Easy Bedroom Decorating Tips

After a long day at work, the bedroom should serve as a sanctuary where you can escape to to recharge. That’s why it should be every bit as lovely and comfortable as the more visible areas in your home. Walls, furniture, flooring–your bedroom’s design elements should work in harmony to provide the perfect visual experience, even if you’re the only one to see it. Take a quick look around the space and see what needs to be reworked. Perhaps there are spots where the paint is peeling, where the rug is getting more threadbare, or the dresser looks old and worn down.

Fun and Easy Bedroom Decorating Tips
Even if the room is in good shape, a few tweaks can still make a big difference. Here’s a list of tips to help you achieve the bedroom you’ve always wanted.

Picking a Color Palette

1. Keep it calm with shades of blue. When it comes to picking the most relaxing color schemes, blue is almost always top of the list. Depending on the shade of blue you choose, you can evoke an open and airy feel or add a deep and soothing vibe to your bedroom. For instance, you can choose a dark, nautical blue for your walls, then set it off with crisp white trim. Choose different shades of white, mint and green for your bedsheets, tables, cushions, or lamps to tie all the design elements together.

The fun thing is, the blue doesn’t have to be limited to the wall. You can pick shades of blue for your rug, pillows or even dresser. When decorating a coastal blue bedroom, Dawn Sailors of AD Aesthetic writing for Remodelaholic has this to say: “It’s next to impossible to create a coastal inspired room without using cool colors in the decor. Blues, greens, mints and turquoises are all on the table.”

2. Who said white walls are boring? Some homeowners elect to add more color to the bedroom to energize it, while others prefer more neutral shades for a calming ambiance. Neutral shades remain one of the most popular interior design trends, making a simple white wall anything but boring. The shade you choose will have a huge impact on the feel of the space. A crisp white can be cold, while a creamy white will add warmth. To nail the hue you want, coat a poster board in the shade and see how it looks at different times of the day.

To set off the beauty of a white bedroom, play with textures and fabrics in tan and beige. Using furniture and other items made of wood will also help. Then, you can add pops of color via your accessories. “White walls and neutral decor are big right now,” Dawn Sailors of AD Aesthetic says in this design inspiration blog. “I also love how it gives you the option to bring in color in the room’s accessories.”

3. Wake up in sunshine with yellow hues. Warmer shades, like yellow, can be as soft or intense as you want. To energize your bedroom without hurting the eyes, choose a gentle, buttery yellow shade for the walls and pair it with a white trim and furniture. To add an even warmer look to your bedroom, choose furnishings and accessories in natural wood. For a more exciting look, choose a vibrant yellow, which you can complement further with other brighter tones of pink and turquoise.

Fun and Easy Bedroom Decorating Tips

Some Pro Tips

1. Make sure your choice of color will work with the size and natural lighting of your bedroom. If the room is on the small side, lighter colors can make the space feel larger than it really is. If that’s not enough, consider installing more windows for a more open and airy feel. This also gives the room access to more natural light. Renewal by Andersen windows come in a variety of styles, including casement, picture and double-hung. They’re made of exclusive Fibrex® composite material, which is durable enough to allow for slimmer frames and a large glass area. With these custom windows, you can maximize space and natural light in your bedroom.

2. If you’re having trouble choosing a good color scheme, browse through magazines, interior design blogs and other related websites for inspiration. Your home’s architectural style should also serve as a guide. If you have a traditional home, you might want to choose a more conservative color scheme. A modern or contemporary home, however, allows for more flexibility, letting you experiment with a bolder and more unconventional color palette.

3. If you’re decorating other bedrooms, take the occupant’s age into account. Some particularly bright shades may not work in an adult bedroom. You can bypass this issue by adding pops of color via the pillows, lamps and other accents. If the occupant is younger, you can use more vibrant shades and make the colors work harmoniously with each other, as shown in this blog by Sherry Petersik of Young House Love.

4. Don’t use too many wall colors as this can create visual tension. Many designers advise less than five large areas of color in the bedroom for a smoother, uncluttered feel.

Decorating the Bedroom with Furniture and Other Design Items

1. Do you want to place a four-poster bed in a smaller, white bedroom? Dark, slim wood lends an interesting contrast to the brightness of the walls without overwhelming the space.

2. If you want to add a subtle nautical feel to the bedroom without making it a prominent theme, use white-and-blue stripes for the pillows, bedsheets, or even the rug. Make sure to choose different shades and widths.

3. If your bedroom looks out to a stunning view, frame that view to best effect with a slim picture or gliding window. Maybe you’re worrying about the glare and heat entering your bedroom? You can deal with that issue by choosing windows with modified Low-E (low-emissivity glass). This allows natural light into your space while significantly reducing the accompanying heat and glare. One prime example of this glass type is the exclusive High-Performance™ Low-E4® SmartSun™ Glass from window installation expert, Renewal by Andersen.

4. A bedroom isn’t complete without a sturdy and lovely storage space. This area needs to be well organized to avoid making your room look cluttered. James and Alicia White of Homey Improvements suggest you clear the closet and store unnecessary items elsewhere. “Research storage options such as hanger rods, shelves and rolling storage bins,” the DIY couple says. “Make sure the style you choose is within budget and functional. Your closet should not be an afterthought to your bedroom–it is an extension of it.”

5. When arranging your bedroom, start with the bed because it is the largest piece of furniture in the room. You can place it either on the wall opposite the bedroom door, or along the room’s longest wall. Most homeowners prefer the former because it gives a pleasant view upon entering the bedroom. A large wall space that isn’t interrupted by doors and windows is the perfect spot for placing a nightstand on each side of the bed.

Next is the dresser. Wide chests can be used as a tv stand, so you can place them across from the bed for better viewing. If you feel like the room still looks empty, add a small desk with a mirror and a chair. Additionally, take into account door and window placement, room dimension and furniture size to create a smoother, more functional layout.

6. If you don’t want to stick to a particular theme, why not go eclectic? A great combo of textures, colors and accents can make for a lovely, one-of-a-kind bedroom. And the best thing about this? You can save money because many of the best eclectic pieces are found via flea markets, yard sales and thrift stores. For a good example, take a look at this blog from Roeshel of DIY ShowOff which shows how unique and charming this particular design trend is.

Dos and Don’ts in Decorating

1. Do choose the right lampshade, not just in style but in size, as well. One that’s too big for the lamp looks awkward. If you want to add character to your bedroom, consider a lampshade that suits the space perfectly.

2. Don’t forget to test paint colors. This way, you’ll be sure that your walls are the shade you’re aiming for.

3. Do choose newer, trendier accessories. That old cabinet with the fading hardware you inherited from your grandma? Have it refurbished to better suit the bedroom and keep it from looking outdated. Switch to new, glossy hardware–even a small change like this can make a big impact on your bedroom.

4. Don’t make the room too formal. Ultimately, you want the bedroom to be a soothing and comfortable place. When updating its look, choose furniture that is both visually appealing and comfortable. You want your space to be elegant, yet inviting.

5. Do hire a reliable remodeler or interior designer. If you prefer to leave your bedroom’s decor to pros, make sure they are licensed, insured and experienced. This way, you can ensure a smooth, worry-free experience.

6. Don’t buy furniture in matching sets. This can make your room look boring and unoriginal. Or worse, your bedroom would look like something out of a tacky catalog.

There are many things to consider when decorating your bedroom. With these tips, you may have an easier time with the upgrade. One last tip: don’t forget to have fun! Working towards the perfect bedroom offers an excellent opportunity to get creative, after all.


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