Dealing With Summer Heat: Tips to Keep the Cold Locked In

Dealing With Summer Heat: Tips to Keep the Cold Locked In

August 17, 2015

Everyone wants to stay comfortable this hot summer, and that’s why staying inside with the air conditioning on is all the rage. However, the heavy consumption of energy and other associated costs could put a strain on your wallet. In this article, Renewal by Andersen® of Eastern NY shows you how you can make your home cooler and more comfortable while cutting down on your utility bills.


Tips for Energy-Efficent Windows

1. Keep the House Sealed To Prevent Energy Leaks

To maximize the benefit of your air conditioning, make sure to keep the house sealed tight during hot summer days. This prevents heat and humidity from entering your home. Once night comes, you should ventilate with your windows to refresh the air quality in your home before turning on the air conditioning again as needed.

2. Replace Your Old Windows

If you have old and worn windows, however, shutting them during the day might not do you much good. Aside from likely having cracks that leak air, older windows are not designed to be as energy-efficient as our replacement windows in Schenectady, NY. Our windows are made of Fibrex® and feature our exclusive High Performance™ Low E4® glass. Fibrex is an excellent insulator, providing insulation 700 times better than aluminum. This helps keep your home’s cool temperature locked in.

Our High Performance Low E4 glass on the other hand has a special coating that reflects solar heat, making it 56% more energy-efficient than ordinary dual-pane glass in summer. This helps stop the sun’s heat from entering your home. Combined, these qualities make our windows very energy-efficient, and depending on your location, they can help cut your energy use by up to 25% while helping you stay cool and cozy.

3. Replace Your Old Patio Door

We’re not just experts at installing replacement windows in Poughkeepsie, NY, and the surrounding areas. We’re also specialists in door replacement. To make your home completely energy-efficient, you have to take all of its openings into account. If you have a patio, then your patio doors should be able to keep your home’s temperature right where it needs to be.

Patio doors from Renewal by Andersen are engineered for thermal performance. The doors come standard with High Performance Low E4 glass, feature an insulating frame and panel members, and have secure locking systems that enhance weathertightness and energy efficiency.

4. Replace Your Old Entry Door

Finally, you should inspect your entry door. If it’s in need of constant repair, looks outdated, or is leaking energy then it’s time for a replacement. [company_name] can install ProVia doors for your home. These custom doors are some of the best available and are very energy-efficient. Some of their features include heat-resistant window trim, Q-Lon weatherstripping, ComfortTech™ warm edge glazing, and insulating polyurethane cores.

[company_name] strives for excellence in everything we do. That’s why our window and door installations are quick, professional, and flawless. Working with us means working with a company that puts your needs, priorities, and time above all else. We want to elevate your experience of owning a home through our high quality products. Give us a call to learn more about how our windows and doors can help you keep cool this summer.

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