Creating an Indoor-Outdoor Connection with Patio Doors

Creating an Indoor-Outdoor Connection with Patio Doors

October 10, 2016

The patio door is a key element in creating a seamless indoor-outdoor connection at home. Especially if you have a lovely al fresco area, you can enjoy sweeping views, invite in plenty of sunlight most of the day, and combine the charm of your exterior and interior home designs.

Indoor and Outdoor Doors

As the trusted provider of quality exterior doors, Renewal by Andersen® of Eastern NY has an array of ideas to roll your indoor and outdoor spaces into one using your patio door. We suggest the following:

Build a Wall of Glass

Matching a French patio door with full-height glass and a family of large picture windows creates a sense of openness and oneness with the outdoors. This combination produces a unifying effect that makes both spaces look and seem larger.

If you don’t want them too simple, use a common grille pattern to spice up the design. It could echo the grille theme around the house, but feel free not to conform when they’re not part of the façade. You can choose from our range of grille design and other customization options.

Blend Both Sides

Just like with entry doors, each side of your patio door should copy the color and finish of the space it faces. If your predominant exterior palette is neutral, make the outer side of your patio door neutral too; and the same principle goes with the inner side.

This way, your patio door will be unobtrusive and quietly blend with the rest of the architecture. Compared with having a non-conforming color and finish, your patio door will serve as a great transitional element from inside out and vice versa.

Consult Renewal by Andersen of Easter NY today to find out which among our stunning door color options will fit your home’s style. From traditional shades to more exciting hues, we have a color that can blend with your preference.

Make the Wall Disappear

A large sliding patio doors can open up your home from floor to ceiling. The lack of any physical element to divide both indoor and outdoor spaces brings a significant visual impact to your home.

This may be popular in contemporary house designs, but this will fit in traditional home styles. If well-executed, it could give a Victorian or a Georgian a 21st century update.

Our array of patio door options will fit any home design. By contacting our team, you are a step closer to having a more beautiful home. Make your patio door work wonders to your home design. Cpntact us now to get inspired with your new project.

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