Complement Your Home’s Architecture With the Right Windows – Part 3: Double Hung Windows for Any Home Style

Complement Your Home’s Architecture With the Right Windows – Part 3: Double Hung Windows for Any Home Style

November 10, 2017

Few window styles can provide the excellent versatility of double hung windows. In fact, they are the most popular window style today, gracing millions of homes across the country. Whether your home has traditional or contemporary architecture, double hung windows will work perfectly.

Double Hung Windows for Any Home Style

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows feature two sashes you can slide open vertically. Unlike single hung windows, both upper and bottom sashes of a double hung unit can be operated, providing superior ventilation. This window style can offer many design possibilities.  Its clean, simple design can be customized with any number of grille patterns, exterior trims, wood finishes and hardware. In addition, double hung windows can be installed in any room without looking out of place–a testament to their versatility.

Here are some popular home styles that frequently feature double hung windows:

  • Craftsman. This home style is characterized by low-pitched roofs, wide front porches, exposed beams, built-in furniture and an open room layout. Because Craftsman homes emphasize the use of natural materials like wood, brick and stone, you should pair them with double hung windows in wood trim or another material with the same look and texture.
  • Farmhouse and Ranch. These styles embody stylish country living. Farmhouse and Ranch homes have a sprawling design, easy indoor-outdoor connection, functional porches for smoother transition, and exterior colors that take cues from nature. Add double hung windows with a neutral trim to accentuate the homey, casual feel of your home’s architecture.
  • Colonial. This home style typically features a saltbox shape, columns, chimneys and evenly spaced dormers. Double hung windows on Colonial homes are usually shuttered with white trim for simple elegance.
  • Contemporary. Double hung windows can be modified to fit modern home styles too. For instance, you can install a row of double hung windows in one area to create a “wall of light,”which lets in considerable natural light into your home akin to picture windows. When you feel like taking in a bit of fresh, healthy air, simply open both the top and bottom sashes at the same time. This lets warm, stale air exit your home through the top, while cooler air enters your home via the bottom. This doesn’t just improve indoor air quality–it also helps you reduce energy bills.

Sprucing up your home through window replacement can be easy, once you’ve taken into account some essential design considerations. Remember to look to your home’s architecture as a guide. You should also hire a premier contractor who offers extensive window options and can ensure a flawless installation.

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