A Guide to Painting Renewal by Andersen® Windows

A Guide to Painting Renewal by Andersen® Windows

May 22, 2019

Renewal by Andersen® replacement windows feature Fibrex® material frames and sashes, which will not require repainting throughout its life span. However, your remodeling project may necessitate window repainting. In this blog, Renewal by Andersen of Eastern NY shares the things that you can do should you need to paint your Renewal by Andersen windows.

Check Your Warranty Coverage

Make it a point to check the warranty coverage regarding the coatings that came with your replacement windows, no matter the manufacturer. Most of today’s replacement windows come with factory-applied coatings that are covered by a separate warranty.

For instance, the Renewal by Andersen Transferable Limited Warranty (applicable to replacement windows installed after May 1, 2016) includes a 20-year coverage on Fibrex material components. The frames, sashes, and exterior grilles are warranted not to flake, rust, blister, peel, crack, pit, or corrode—and be free from defects in manufacturing, materials and workmanship—during this period. The color finishes are also warranted against fading within its first 10 years.

Should repainting or staining your windows produce undesirable results, or even damage the window itself, repairs or replacement won’t likely be covered by your warranty. Worse, repainting could void your existing warranty coverage.

Why Paint Your Windows at All?

Your existing window colors might not work with the new color palette that you’ve chosen for your remodeling project. Under such circumstances, painting the windows may be necessary, and may even be the more practical solution than complete window replacement.

Parts of the Window That You Shouldn’t Paint

If you have ultimately decided to paint your Renewal by Andersen replacement windows, there are some parts of it that should not be painted:

  • Accessories such as the weatherstrip, gaskets, silicone beads, and jamb liners.
  • Surfaces that have sliding contact with another surface, such as the sliding window tracks.
  • All types of hardware, including hinges, operator arms, and locks.

Also, certain colors and finishes are not suitable for being painted over. These include Cocoa Bean, Black, Forest Green, Red Rock, and Dark Bronze. These colors may either darken the new window color—as a rule of thumb, never paint over a dark color with a light one—or may result in unpredictable window colors. When in doubt, consult your window contractor if a part can be painted over.

Painting Preparations

It is important to remember not to rush the painting process, and make sure everything is prepared:

  • Clear the Work Areas — Move all furniture away from the windows and make sure all work areas are covered by old newspapers or drop cloths. If you’re not confident painting the sashes without getting paint on the glass, apply blue painter’s tape on the glass where it meets the frame. You can do the same for non-removable window hardware.
  • Allow Plenty of Ventilation — Removable parts such as the sashes on all sliding windows should be removed a room at a time, because it prevents paint fumes from circulating within. Since the windows will be left open, you should close the air conditioning vents in the room to minimize wasted energy.
  • Have Everything Within Reach — Organize your paints, brushes, and rollers in a single bucket that you can place within reach. In addition to making it easy to move from one window to the next, it also minimizes going back and forth between the windows and wherever you’ve stored your paints.
  • Inspect the Windows — You are not expected to perform repairs on your windows, but you should nevertheless inspect your windows for signs of damage. Make sure that moving parts, such as the joints and hardware on double hung windows, can be moved without difficulty. Damage that requires repair should be raised with your window contractor before proceeding.
  • Don’t Forget the Family — Keep your kids away from the windows as you work. If possible, have them stay at their friends or your relatives for an afternoon while you work on their windows. In case you have teenage kids who want their privacy, give them advance notice to clean their rooms before you get started. Better yet, take this as an opportunity to bond with your teenage kids by having them assist you with the painting work.

Features for Easy Painting

Our operable window styles have features designed for easy cleaning, which should make painting them easier. In addition to the aforementioned removable sliding window sashes, our double hung windows feature sashes that can be tilted indoors. You can rest these sashes on chair backs as you paint and dry them. Our casement windows feature reach-around sashes, making it safe and easy for you to paint around the hinge area.

Painting the Windows

Prepare the painting surfaces by lightly sanding the frames and sashes using fine grit sandpaper or steel wool. A slightly rough surface lets the paint bond better with the frame surface. Be careful not to sand the glass surfaces, as this can’t be undone. Use a clean brush to remove the dust, then clean the surface using a mild cleaning solution. Keep your hands clean or use latex or nitrile gloves when you do this, as finger oils can affect the final finish.

Prime the window frames using a fast-drying alkyd primer in a neutral color. As your replacement window company, we recommend using KILZ® brand. Make sure you have sufficient ventilation throughout the process to avoid fume inhalation. Once the primer is thoroughly dry, you can now apply an oil- or water-based topcoat. Let all painted surfaces thoroughly dry before closing the windows.

A Few Reminders

If you’re not sure how long the painted surfaces will dry, err on the side of caution and let it dry for the whole day. Reinstalling the sashes or closing the windows too soon may damage the paint finish. Also, exercise extreme caution when painting upper-story windows. And lastly, keep in mind that the windows will be kept open for a long time, so you may want to repaint your windows when allergy season is over.

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